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Two hundred million years ago Namibia was covered in a shallow sea which gradually filled in with windblown sand and eroded silt. The windblown sand formed high dunes separating the sea from the land, thus creating a magnificent stretch of dunes that change in colour from oranges to reds from the sea at dawn and dusk.

Located on the western coast of South Africa adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, north of Cape Town and stretches up the coast to just below Angola on the northern border then extends eastward touching on the Caprivi Strip towards its eastern border of Botswana.

Several tribes live here in this rural, isolated,sandy, hot and dry parcel of land - Himba, Herera and Damara.

Etosha National Park extends 162 km. east and west in the northern region of Namibia. It is a well known protected area for its wildlife who will soon show you who has the right of way! Due to lack of rainfall and dried up riverbeds the only source of water for the animals is by means of waterholes which there are five various types.

One of stays is at a chalet within the park overlooking a floodlit waterhole to enable nighttime photography as the animals become quite active at night and sometimes like to quench their thirst after a kill. You are well protected when photographing here in the open as you look down at the animals from a stone embankment which is also a good place to steady your camera!

Etosha is on the list of most photographers and it  is here you will see the best in camera gear - big lenses, camera mounts and a general stillness waiting for animal activity.

Our tours through Namibia are with our own private driver in a special vehicle designed for photographer's so that you are less noticeable but able to stand and take photos through the pop-up roof and EVERYONE HAS A WINDOW SEAT!

Visiting Namibia is a "MUST" for anyone who enjoys viewing or photographing landscapes, seascapes, dune, natives in their natural dress and of course the beauty of the wilderness and the various creatures large and small that exist in their natural habitat.



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