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STEP INTO THE PAST - in Zululand! Home to the fierce and successful Zulu warriors who designed their own warfare to win the battles with the British!

The homeland of the Zulus is located north of Durban enjoying a vista of steep rolling hills with fields of maize and sugar cane. The dirt roads meander through the countryside where you see more people walking than using transportation. If you do see a van it will o doubt be carrying as many in the back as is possible and all their purchases on the roof! If you are in or close to town you may even see a live goat being transported in a grocery cart!

The Zulus maintain their traditional ceremonies as they were two hundred years ago having a strong religious belief in their ancestors to provide their guidance for their spiritual, health or employment concerns. This particular ceremony is referred to as a "Sangoma Healing Ceremony"! After the Sangoma goes into a trance to communicate and receive guidance from her ancestor she then delivers the information to the person(s) seeking help. following their outcome they then return with gifts for the Sangoma - eggs, chicken, whiskey or money!

The Zulus in the rural areas do not have electricity or water. Water is obtained from a local water station and carried by the women on their heads. Inside the rondavals are only cardboard boxes containing blankets! Their food is grown in small garden patches and cooked over open fire.

The people are all well dressed in cottons, school children wear uniforms and mothers of the children have a sewing room at school to sew the uniforms. The Zulus are happy people and enjoy visitors and chatting with them so plenty of opportunity for photo ops!

Our South Africa tour takes you through the backroads to see how the natives still live today where there are no lights in the countryside and then to Cape Town area where they are never off!

A journey through South Africa is an "Experience" that leaves one with an "Everlasting Memory" of how life was and remains today for those in rural Africa.

There is NO CONCERN about SAFETY in these areas as you are welcomed with warmth and happiness!

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