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Botswana - Chobe National Park

Posted on 02/06/2014 in

Chobe National Park near Kasane in Botswana is one of the best places to observe animals in their natural habitat and for the birders the many species of birds throughout the park and along the shores of the Chobe River.

Morning safaris start early in the morning and as you gaze from your vehicle in all directions to catch some animal activity your driver will look for fresh animal tracks to determine where they might be and in what direction we should go! The early morning is an excellent time to see predators as it is still cool enough for them to be roaming about after hunting at night and perhaps quenching their thirst after enjoying their recent meal! During the day they tend to sleep under a shade tree to avoid the heat of the day and begin their activities once again around five o'clock in the afternoon. In the late afternoon animal activity increases around waterholes and rivers which provide excellent places for photo ops as the animals tend to go in groups and observe proper protocol in each species taking its turn at drinking!

My personal safaris through Chobe National Park have always been exciting with each one being totally different but there is one which was a REAL thriller! It was late in the afternoon and we had just come across many female lions just waking up from their sleep, stretching and yawning a short distance from our jeep when all of a sudden we heard the ROAR of  a male lion! Our conscientious and skilled driver immediately turned our vehicle around to where the sound was coming from! There was Mr. lion strutting out from the woods and coming out into the open! He crossed the path and headed toward us and came closer and closer. We were told to stay still and quiet as he walked right up to our vehicle and looked at us and continued his walk by us! The only sound was the rapid fire of our cameras recording the sights of this wonderful male lion as he walked in front of our vehicle  and into the setting sun.

A safari through Chobe National Park is a real adventure and one that is sure to provide an opportunity to get those prize winning photos!



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