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  • QUIVER TREE FARM: - Located in the southern rural area of Namibia we arrived to our destination in late afternoon. We were greeted by their pet warthog, dogs and a mouthy crow who talked just like humans! As the sun was setting we head off to the forest of quiver trees to photograph this amazing sight! The Bushmen use the spikes on the distal ends of the plants for their spears.
  • NAMIB DESERT FARM; - A special place in the extreme rural area of southern Namibia which caters to PHOTOGRAPHERS & FILM CREWS. This provided us with the most fascinating landscape scenery of mountains, dunes and acacia trees over three hundred years old and home to four cheetah for us to photograph. Our newly built tented bungalows were situated on a mountain side where one could only experience the natural beauty of the Namib's rural countryside.
  • GHOST TOWN - KOLMANSKOP: - A drive down a highway that parted fields of open areas surrounded by mauve tinged mountains we arrived in Luderitz located on the western Atlantic coast of Namibia. In the morning we drove a short distance to Ghost Town which was a former diamond mining town. The town is now deserted and the homes and hospital are left vacant and  filling in with sand. As the sand turns different shades with the sun it makes for interesting photos of both landscape and derelict buildings.
  • SWAKOPMUND: - A German town known for its German bakeries, cuisine and shops offered us an enjoyable shopping spree for souveniers and supplies before heading north to Etosha as there is NO shopping throughout Etosha.
  • ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK - PRIVATE GAME RESERVE - Western end: - A fascinating welcome to the animal kingdom by adventurous safaris both in Etosha and on private property. WOW -  Up close to elephants, rhino, lions, giraffe and antelope in their natural environment! You soon learn that you are a guest in their territory! From our safari vehiclle we heard lion roars, lions panting to keep cool and saw tracks of them having dragged their kill to hide it under a bush.
  • ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK: - We travelled 162 km from western end to its eastern end visiting waterholes along the way as these provide the only source of water for the animals. This provided us unlimited photo opportunities and a thrilling few days of observing the animals in their natural environment.
  • We explored the famous Chobe River in a small boat enabling us to get up close to birds and mammals along its shoreline.
  • Bird life was phenomenal as we had the opportunity to see fish eagles and kingfishers catching their meals.
  • Many Nile crocodiles were basking on rocks and along the Chobe shores.
  • Hippos galore! You think how docile  - wrong! Hippos can move very quickly and are unpredictable!
  • Seeing the many elephants in single file crossing from grassland to the opposite sandy shore each day just as the brilliant orange sun is setting make for wonderful photos.
  • Our visit in late spring provided us with many memorable sightings:
  • Two day old elephants awkwardly trying to stand after a sleep under mom's belly
  • Two day old impala nursing
  • Elephant herds throughout the park and splashing about in the river.
  • Tracks of a lion dragging its' kill to under a shade tree. We went back to this site later to see the lioness sitting out from under the shade tree with blood still on her face.

Please join me to experience unequalled beauty in the natural landscape and its inhabitants throughout Namibia and the Chobe region.

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