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Thula Thula

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Thula Thula is home of the late Lawrence Anthony who wrote "The Elephant Whisperer" and these are the elephants that he rescued. These elephants are also the ones who walked for twelve hours without stopping for food to visit his home upon his death and stayed for two days on his front lawn!

This hit all the National papers worldwide!

Lawrence has written other books about the animals as he worked endlessly trying to "Save" and heal the animals.


Babylon Ark - Saving the animals of the Baghdad Zoo

The Last Rhino - to raise funds to "Save the Rhinos" from poaching

Once you read "The Elephant Whisperer" your destination to South Africa will be a top priority.

Thula Thula  is one of our favourite places to visit on our tour of South Africa and these elephants have an "ATTITUDE"!



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