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There is no requirement as to how advanced a person is in photography and one has the option of taking photos or just enjoying the "experience" of the beauty ad diversity of Africa.

Visiting South Africa is truly an "EXPERIENCE" as it offers just a thrilling time wherever you are. Visiting native villages, safaris on private game reserves and seeing all kinds of mammals and birds in their natural habitat is an experience one never forgets. Your tour will take you to where there are no lights and on to the glitzy area of Cape Town where they are never off! In Cape Town and area mountain ranges surround you wherever you look, seas outline its shores and inland ubiquitous vineyards situated on the foothills of the mountains present vistas of beauty!

It is your choice if you wish  to just "Live the Moment" or capture it on your camera whether it be a point and shoot  camera or one with interchangeable lenses.

Namibia/Botswana tour is strictly for wildlife photography and it is a person's option to shoot with a point and shoot or professional gear. In this area the lens mostly used is a 100-400  which offers great advantages to getting fabulous photos both near and far. Etosha National Park the animals can be both near and far but this is the area where you see firsthand the professionals with all the latest camera gear - most of them being sponsored I will add as this area is one of the world's best animal viewing!! The same is true for the Chobe region! A wide angle lens  such as a 24-105 lens is great for both landscape and photographing people up close!

Africa is a place to visit and feel the pulse and energy of its people and enjoy each day as it happens. The camera equipment is certainly one's own personal choice but this should not deter anyone for joining me on their "Trip of a Lifetime" with "Everlasting Memories"!



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