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Our Safari Diary 2017

Posted on 02/07/2018 in Anywhere
Our safaris take place in rural South Africa on a massive private game reserve who hire the very best rangers and trackers to provide you with exhilarating safaris and position the vehicle for getting those award winning photos while also making sure the sunlight is at your back! OUR SAFARI DIARY:Day 1Today we travelled a long way on sandy trails...

2016 Tour Highlights

Posted on 02/07/2017 in Anywhere
2016 Tour was AMAZING!. Leopard in a tree with a kill. Leopard on the ground with her kill. Leopard going up the tree with her kill - watched her for three days - our vehicle was at base of tree!. Leopard chase a small antelope - antelope won! Got photos of the dik dik air born!. Lion chase a zebra...

Follow Our Journey 2016

Posted on 10/23/2016 in Anywhere
NAMIBIAArrived in Etosha at Namutoni area late afternoon and enjoyed a safari through the park.The biggest thrill was a mom and her baby calf black rhino.Today we saw the following:A lion walking close to the roadA leopard in open field stalking a dik dik -the smallest African antelope. We waited patiently as leopard took his time and changed positions to...

South Africa 2016

Posted on 10/21/2016 in Anywhere
SOUTH AFRICA October 1- 21Our journey began in Timbavati region in northern area and the sightings of wildlife were fantastic! Rare sightings of wild dogs - 15 of them surrounding our vehicle!A leopard in daylight in tree with her kill for three days! She brought her kill down to ground then we saw her take it up the tree! Sunlight...

2016 Follow Our Journey

Posted on 09/29/2016 in Anywhere
SOUTH AFRICA - October 1- 21NAMIBIA - October 22-29BOTSWANA - October 29-November 3Our group includes: Linda Loyens, Bob McKee, for their first African experienceTeryl Sewell for her 4th timeJoan Gerber - Tour guide for her 11th time!

Rural Namibia

Posted on 02/20/2016 in
We travelled through a long stretch of deep sandy, gravel roads to reach our destination and upon arriving saw a little sign on a post saying it was just another 8 km to our lodge. Speed limited to 40 km per hour!The landscape was like no other - no buildings in view but just fields of pure magical views in...

Namib Desert Farm

Posted on 02/08/2016 in
Namibia's rural landscape


Posted on 02/06/2016 in
QUIVER TREE FARM: - Located in the southern rural area of Namibia we arrived to our destination in late afternoon. We were greeted by their pet warthog, dogs and a mouthy crow who talked just like humans! As the sun was setting we head off to the forest of quiver trees to photograph this amazing sight! The Bushmen use the...

Namibia/Botswana 2016

Posted on 01/26/2016 in
NAMIBIA & BOTSWANA 2016"FOLLOW THE FOOTPRINTS"OCTOBER 21 - OCTOBER 31Breathtaking scenery in the desert, abundance of wildlife in their natural habitat, safaris through private game reserves & National Parks and boat excursions to see the abundance of birds and wildlife from a different perspective along the shores of the Chobe River in Botswana.Truly a spectacular tour for a "Nature Photographer"...

White Rhino

Posted on 11/15/2015 in

Lion Showing Emotion

Posted on 11/15/2015 in
A drive on a private game reserve in Okaukeujo, Etosha

Lion Relaxing

Posted on 11/15/2015 in Okaukuejo
Taken on a private game reserve.

Quiver Tree

Posted on 11/14/2015 in Keetmanshoop
Great experience photographing quiver trees late afternoon

Dusty Drive Through Etosha

Posted on 11/14/2015 in
We drove through Etosha from western side to Eastern. A long and dusty drive with all animals on the road.

Etosha National Park

Posted on 11/14/2015 in Etosha National Park
Young elephant cooling off in 40 C

Etosha National Park

Posted on 11/14/2015 in Etosha National Park
Don't dare pass us!

Luderitz continued

Posted on 11/08/2015 in
A quiet and quaint town on the Atlantic Ocean! Our accommodation overlooked the ocean from a high vantage point. Rooms were spacious and had everything we needed. At breakfast the owner and her son sang a gospel grace to us. Christo charmed us with his sincere love for people and making us feel welcome.Next we were off to Ghost Town...

Etosha - western End

Posted on 11/08/2015 in
Hello from Etosha!We had our first safari through the western end of the park this morning! As it is very hot and dry there was a steady lineup at the waterholes!We drove behind three bull elephants on their way to have a drink! Many springbok, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest and only one youn male lion sleeping soundly under a tree!This afternoon...

Dunes, Dead Trees & Cheetah

Posted on 11/08/2015 in
Our morning started early with a drive overland to view the dead acacia trees that were 3-4 hundred years old. Their roots are very thick and reach 20-30 metres below the surface!Later  I the morning we visited the dunes that overlooked magnificent landscape! Linda and Cheryl made it to the top while Joanie & Rosemarie preferred to view the scenery from...

Day 4 Luderitz

Posted on 11/04/2015 in Luderitz
We left for the western coast of Namibia to Luderitz.Along the way we came to some wild horses and when walking towards them they too came walking toward us. Linda rushed down to pat them and offered them some bread we had left over.We stayed at a beautiful place overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.Wednesday am we are going to Kolmanskop to...

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