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Our Safari 2018 Day 2

Posted on 02/21/2019 in

Day 2

I awoke to my alarm going off at 0445, it was light outside and birds were chirping so it was not difficult to get ready for our next adventure! We meet at the dininghall at 0530 where biscuits, freshly squeezed juices, te and coffee are available. 0600 sharp our ranger leads us to our vehicle and off we go!

This morning we drove a section of this massive 35,000 acre property and found a pride of lions walking through some long golden grass to find a shady spot to rest for the day!Moms with four young cubs walked towards us and by us, but that was not the last time! Our ranger knowing their behaviour knew which way they were headed so we went and waited for them. One by one they came and chose to get comfortable in the open field near a bush and flopped down for a daytime nap.The young were not as sleepy so they frolicked a bit but finally after getting no interest from the adults they too settled down for a sleep!

Our ranger positioned the vehicle at a good angle so everyone could get a good shot of the lions.

After this excitement of getting photos up close to the lions it was now time for our morning treat in the bush - the ranger's specialty - Choco Mocho Rula - hot chocolate, coffee and Amarula served along with some delicious, crunchy oat bars!

After a long ride back through the bushes to the lodge, our smorgasbord breakfast was now being offered! Wow - fresh fruit, juices, baked ham, homemade jams and orders of choice to the chef!

After resting for a couple of hours or enjoying a shower either inside or out and time to catch up on our diaries, it was now time to have lunch! This is not quite lunch but another feast! Lunch consisted of homemade soup, freshly made salads, baked roast, potatoes, vegetables, sauces and any libation of yur choice! Don't forget everything is included!! This is for sure "Luxury in the bush"!

At 3:30 the dessert trollies come out on the deck by the dininghall that are laden with fancy and tasty desserts that one can never refuse! Once again we feast on mouth-watering desserts and listen to our ranger for where we are going to venture this afternoon and what we might be trying to find!

Tonight we had fun with some new guests who joined us on our safari and shared stories over our evening meal!

Good night!

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