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Our Safari 2018 Day 3

Posted on 02/21/2019 in

Day 3

Another early morning and nature coming alive, a baboon noticing us from a tree just outside the dininghall seemed very interested in grabbing something that we were eating and you could tell that he was trying to figure out the best way to succeed in grabbing our treats. When I picked up my camera he turned his head to let me know he was not there to be photographed!

Off we go on another safari - down dirt lanes, bouncing along and saw zebra, warthogs and wildebeest. Next we came across some elephants grazing in an open field and drove in close to them to watch and photograph their beauty.

This morning our snack was held in a dried up river bed and Aubrey gave us a lesson on the buffalo thorn plant.

After our break we went searching for the leopards but apparently mother was not with the cubs so we could not bother them. Our ranger continued to track the female leopard and drove quite a distance , then heard from the dispatcher that there was activity at the waterhole!Here we saw three huge white rhino and a herd of elephants waiting to have a drink but water was scarce. Then some zebra came but had to wait for the eles to finish as they were boss! We continued our search for the female leopard then we got notice that she was on her way to the waterhole!! Hanging on for dear life while driving over bumpy roads we reached our destination! The female leopard came right by us and walked right beside our vehicle!! She then climbed up onto a rock and sat in the glowing warm sunshine and posed for us!

Our return home was down dirt paths in total darkness while our tracker sanned the bushes and road for night creatures - African wildcats, hyenas, several elephants and a hare jumping down the pathway in front of our vehicle!

The evening air was still warm and the sky clear so our ranger stopped by an open air so we could admire the all the stars and galaxies and pointed out Scorpio to us.

Another scrumptious evening meal with new acquaintances sharing stories of the day and then off to bed for another early start!

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