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Our Safari 2018 Day 4

Posted on 02/21/2019 in

This morning we drove over a narrow, windy, rough road where the ranger had not been on before in pursuit of the wild dogs, cheetah and leopard!

Then the ranger got word that a lion pride with cubs had been located! We then drove down a dried up river bed over boulders, rocks and very deep sand then up a steep riverbank to a field covered in dense dried up trees! What we could not drive over or bend out of the way, our ranger used a machete to cut big branches out of the way! Suddenly, a person in our group hollered that she heard a "ROAR"! The chase was on! We drove through thorn bushes along the riverbed but then had to descend down the riverbank and cross over to the other side! We were told to sit still and"Hang On", as this was going to be a rough ride!

Reaching the other side we spotted the lions - a huge male and two females! Oops! No photos could be taken as our dispatcher got radioed and we were told to leave the area immediately as this area was now a crime scene! Above we saw a plane circling around but we were thinking they were trying to tell us where the lions were! Wrong! Apparently the lions were feeding on a rhino that had been poached during the night as it was a full moon and better for seeing! Yes, the poor rhino was now being eaten and vultures were waiting overhead for their share and the surveillance team on their way to investigate.

Our morning break today was a big surprise! The dining staff had set up tables with tablecloths, washcloths and warm water for washing our hands and a table laden with freshly baked crepes and served with all the yummy toppings - fresh strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, coconut, pineapple, cinnamon and nuts! Imagine this in the middle of the countryside!

Cheers from the amazing Timbavati region!

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