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Our Safari 2018

Posted on 02/21/2019 in

Day 1

Our flight to Johannesburg went well, was on time and leg room was good.

We stayed in Johannesburg at a very nice lodge that had a lovely yard to relax in and to watch the various species of birds flitting about. this is home to weaver birds that build their nests upside down!

I introduced the group to an side craft market known as Boksbury Flea Market where we purchased some quality African gifts to remind us of our African journey.

Next day we flew from Jo'burg to Hoedspruit and were met by our driver who took us through the countryside to our destination in the very rural parts of the countryside known as the Timbavati region, adjacent to Kruger Nt;. Park.

Seeing elephants and giraffe along the way and stopping for a few photos we finally reached our lodge - tucked in the middle of nowhere and were given a warm greeting from the lodge's staff! We were then taken to our cabins - wow! Everything you could ever dream of was accounted for - sherry, wine, showers in and out, and a big porch outside for relaxing and watching wildlife graze about the yard.

It was time now for afternoon tea held by thedininghall - trollies laden with scrumptious cakes, pastries, iced tea, iced coffee, lemonade to munch o while our ranger informed us of the 35,000 acre property and what animals we might see on our safaris. This is their daily routine before the afternoon drives and the safari route may change each day as to cover all areas of the concession in accordance with the movement and sightings of the various wildlife!

Our ranger had news of a lion pride with cubs in one area but to avoid other vehicles, decided to hunt the leopard and her cub instead! SUCCESS - walking rhough the bushes was a beautiful leopard and close to us! We took a few photos then decided to try and find her cub! SUCCESS again - there it was sitting in the open feeding on a freshly killed vulture! This was the third vulture it had killed but unfortunately it was on the endangered list!

The late afternoon ended with cocktails watching the setting sun, minus the fright of lions lurking nearby or at least we didn't notice any.

Our drive back was in the dark and our tracker held a non-harmful flashlight, moving it from side to side checking for nocturnal animals - we were lucky to spot an African wildcat and a bushbaby.

Dinner was served in a lantern lit boma (an enclosed outside area) - and deliciously prepared by the dining staff -

roast beef with peppercorn sauce, roast pork with apple & whiskey sauce, roast potatoes and veggies.

Quite an eventful day and this was only our first safari!

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