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October 19 - November 9 - Land Only


Experience unequalled beauty throughout these isolated destinations -




·       QUIVER TREE FOREST - Keetmanshoop - The largest stand of Kokerboom trees (huge aloe plants) that exhibit a golden hue in the late afternoon and as the sun sets it is quite possible to catch the orange sun setting through the trees! This is also possible on some mornings depending on the atmosphere. here you are rewarded with an opportunity to photograph cheetah in the early morning!

·       GHOST TOWN - Kolmanskop  - a town once famous for tits diamond mines and now deserted and being filled in by the coastal sand dunes. An opportunity to photograph the changing colours of the sand and rustic buildings in both the morning and afternoon. An opportunity to photograph both in afternoon and early morning.

·       FARM KANAAN - A special photographic excursion in a remote area known for its special flora and fauna, resident cheetah.

·       DUNES - Sesriem - One of the oldest & driest deserts of the world measure 325 M high display their most brilliant colours at daybreak. Accommodations have been secured INSIDE the park gates to ensure that we arrive in time to see this spectacular world-famous sight!

·       LIVING DESERT TOUR - An unique experience in a 4x4 vehicle to explore the awesome beauty of the Namib Desert and its living creatures that have adapted to the harsh heat and blowing sand of the coastal region. An opportunity to see and photograph Sand Diving Lizards, Snakes, Scorpions, Dancing White Lady Spider that can cartwheel 44 turns per second, Namib Dune Gecko with its webbed feet equal to snowshoes and Desert Chameleons.

The stillness of the sculpted sand comes alive before your eyes

·       ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK -- Just outside the western gates your accommodation is on a private game reserve that specializes in research on lions and both white and black rhino. Here you will experience the true African safari experience and get a close look at many of their resident mammals! We stay at two private game reserves here that have waterholes where you ca sit and relax and watch the animals appear to quench their thirst. One offers a blind for photographers to get up close unnoticed to get even better close up photos!

  ·       ETOSHA NATIONAL PARK - Namutoni - We continue our journey through the park viewing the animals as they roam across the roads while we are  en route to the far eastern area of the park This region's landscape lends itself to more lions as the terrain is open and flat and past experiences have provided me with outstanding sightings and photographic experiences.

·       OKAVANGO DETA REGION - Driving northward up to the Caprivi Strip we stay one night at Popa Falls  in a rural setting along a river where it is home to many colourful birds and it wouldn't be Africa if you didn't hear the grunting and snorting of the hippos nearby.

·       BOTSWANA - Chobe National Park - Known for its numbers of elephants but also too in the past few years there have been more sightings of lions and leopards, as well as a herd of sable. You will have both morning and afternoon safaris through the park which one never tires of as each outing brings back special experiences to brag about!

·       BOTSWANA - Chobe River  -  An experience like no other as you travel along the river in a small boat that enables us to get close to shore to see hippos, crocs, elephants and the many birds such as kingfishers, herons, fish eagles  diving in to catch their lunch.

After visiting the Chobe area you will know how the professional photographers get those award winning shots!                





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