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November 13 - 30 th- Land Only


Safaris, Zulu Ceremonies/Performances,

Cape of Good Hope, Kirstenbosch Gardens,

Vineyards, Oceans & Cape Town

Our tour arrives in Johannesburg, South Africa where the first night's lodging is at a homey and comfortable lodge just minutes from the airport. Weaver birds are commonly seen here building their upside down nests to attract their female mating partners!

The following day our group is taken by shuttle to a neighbouring mall to get our foreign currency of South African Rands and any incidentals that one might require for our next journey to a private game reserve.

After a five hour trip to the Timbavati region adjacent to the Kruger Park is known as one of the best animal viewing areas as it offers wide open space to allow the animals to chase and catch their prey.

Upon our arrival we are graciously welcomed by one of the staff and given information about the premises and where are accommodations are located.

Our safari guides here are knowledgeable and are constantly in touch with the other guides as to where the lions, leopards and cheetah are so that everyone has a chance to see them as much as possible!

The safaris are filled with action - driving over dried up river beds, knocking down bushes to chase a leopard or to see a cheetah with its kill that might be only a few feet from the vehicle! It is here that you learn very quickly that you ARE in Africa and also a guest in the animal kingdom. Hold on to your hats as you travel at high speeds and through bushes and bumpy roads to find the lions, leopard, cheetah, kudu, impala, elephants and more...

We then return to Johannesburg for one night before flying to Durban the next day where we start our trek to Zululand.  In Durban we are met with our knowledgeable and fun tour guide who will introduce to  you points of interest  as we travel northward to Zululand and also many interesting historical facts about both the people and the area.

Shakaland is our next home for two nights where we are entertained by the Zulus in their native dress and learn about the makings of Zulu beer, their music and way of life!

Eshowe is the capital of Zululand and here you will have the opportunity to see ceremonies that are still practiced today in the same manner that they were two hundred years ago. One fascinating tradition is the Sangoma Healing Ceremony where the Sangoma actually goes into a trance to connect with her ancestors to receive messages on how to heal the needs of the people - matters of health, work or social issues.

While in Zululand we will travel through the zig-zagging steep hills of the rural countryside seeing how time has stood still and has not been influenced by our modern technology.

Thula Thula - a private game reserve owned by the famous author Lawrence Anthony (recently deceased) who wrote "The Elephant Whisperer"! This is a must read book before your journey. The elephants that he talks about in his book became to trust Lawrence and developed a strong bond with him. Following his death the eighteen elephants walked for twelve hours to Lawrence's home to mourn his death. Imagine eighteen elephants on your front lawn and for two days!

It is now available at Indigo, along with his other books - Babylon Ark and The Last of the Rhino.

Thula Thula has now started a centre for abandoned rhino and is offering classes on how to care for them.

This is an amazing place that truly cares for the protection of the elephants and rhino who roam the same grounds as you but they get the right of way!

Cape Town a city that boasts of trendy shops, scenic views of its oceanfront, surrounding mountain ranges and its vineyards is sure to capture your heart!

Three excursions are included:

Cape of Good Hope where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet offers a wonderful oceanic vista from a high vantage point and each time you see Two Oceans wine you will be reminded of where you were.

Kirstenbosch Gardens - A spectacular park where camphor trees line walkways, many varieties of South Africa's national flower known as the protea are seen in various colours, sizes and shapes.

Boulders Beach  (combined with Kirstenbosch Gardens) is home to the South African penguin is an enjoyable walk along the boardwalk to see the penguins either splashing about at water's edge or sunbathing on the sandy shore.

Stellenbosch - the oldest town in South Africa located in the heart of vineyards. Your trip would not be complete without touring through this area, tasting some fine South African wine paired with a gourmet meal while overlooking the vineyard estate and background of mountains.

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